Real Estate Tax Payment History

Amounts shown here should NOT be used to derive pay-off quotes. Recent payments may not be reflected here for up to 8 days after the transaction date. Payment by Bank/Credit Union Electronic Bill Pay may result in a delay of up to 14 days to allow for manual processing of the payment. Please use the "Tax Help" form to to request pay-off information.

These records can be searched and browsed in a variety of ways: by owner name, street name, street parcel, or bill number. Street and owner name can be searched for partial matches -- for example, a street search for "spruce" will match all properties on Spruce St., East Spruce St., and Spruceland Ave.

All Tax Title inquires and request for payoff amounts should be submitted to:

Revenue Service LLC

All Tax Title Payments must be sent directly to:

City of Springfield
Treasurer’s Office
36 Court Street
Springfield, MA 01103