April 15, 2010  –  Mayor Domenic Sarno and L’Kuicha Parks, Chairperson of the Springfield Cultural Council, have announced the award of 38 grants totaling $105,426.

Grant recipients include the Armory Quadrangle Civic Association, Community Music School and the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival. (A complete list of recipients and grant amounts is attached.)

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated that “the City of Springfield is pleased to assist all of the organizations with this grant funding.”  “This funding will provide the arts and entertainment community with funding to put on performances that will foster economic activity,” added Sarno.

L’Kuicha Parks stated “these grant recipients represent a wide variety of genres of artistic endeavors throughout Springfield in 2010 and the Springfield Cultural Council hopes that the public will have the opportunity to attend some of the events this year.”  “The Springfield Cultural Council is proud to support each and every one,” stated Parks. 

The Springfield Cultural Council is part of a network of 329 Local Cultural Councils, funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, serving all 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth.  The LCC Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation, supporting thousands of community based projects in the arts, sciences and humanities each year.

The Springfield Cultural Council will seek applications again in the fall. Information and forms are available online at www.springfieldculturalcouncil.org or www.massculturalcouncil.org. Applications will be accepted after September 1st and are due October 15th. Information may also be obtained by calling 413-543-6930.

AP# Organization Description MCC Auth.
10-01 Armory Quadrangle Civic Association Wednesdays in the Park Concerts 4253
10-02 Braithwaite, Elton Tainos Art of Mask Making 999
10-03 Brethen Juneteenth 4203
10-06 Carter-McKenzie, Caren D.  Appleseed Project  4203
10-07 Children's Chorus  Building Community  3067
10-08 Clark, Richard  And Now Mark Twain 750
10-09 Classical High School Alumni  Mural restoration 5000
10-10 Cohen, Edward  Exhibit  4970
10-11 Community Music School  Silver Anni Concert Series 4403
10-12 Consortium, The-Recovery Learning Ctr. Workshops & art shows 490
10-13 Drama Studio  Twelfth Night  4603
10-14 D.R.E.A.M. Studios, Inc.  Dance of the Jubilation 3500
10-15 Enchanted Circle Theater Sojourner Truth 500
10-16 Faith United Church Women's Guild Ruth Harcovitz Concert 375
10-17 Gagnon, Gerry  Corella Ballet  5000
10-19 Gouzounis, George & Allyson Ballroom Lessons & Dance for youth 4553
10-20 Graham, Artie Dennise Graham King of Kings  2824
10-22 In The Spotlight  Springfield Dramatic Duos 2433
10-23 Jelupa Productions  Evenings With A Star 5000
10-24 Lane, Robin A Woman's Voice  $2,523
10-25 Lindsay Entertainment Network  Concert, etc.  4266
10-26 Maichack, Gregory How to paint pastels workshops 435
10-27 Marble Collection Magazine Distribution 300
10-28 Mickens, Laverne Ballet Project 3600
10-29 Nehemiah Ministries  Phoenix Arts Project  3803
10-30 Panache Productions Theater Production 4070
10-31 Performance Project, The  Visiting Artists Program 4503
10-32 Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival PV Jewish Film Festival 1823
10-33 Polish Culture Committee Concert, etc.  5000
10-34 Premier Swing Band Ballroom Lessons & Dance 570
10-36 Springfield Boys & Girls Club  Recycled Joy 3677
10-37 Springfield City Library  Altered Books 1050
10-41 Stone Soul, Inc.  Living History  3753
10-43 Umass Foundation Youth & Shakespeare 2283
10-47 Woods, Rosemary Tracy Woods  Artist Business Training 1000
AF10-02 Cohen, Shera  Fellowship 2000
AF10-04 Gagnon, Gerry  Fellowship 2000
AF10-05 Martinez-Anaya, Alvilda Victoria  Fellowship 2000

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