Fire Department Awarded Third Consecutive Battle of the Badges Blood Drive Trophy

faThursday, February 22, 2018

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno, Acting Assistant Human Resources Director Caitlyn Julius and American Red Cross Account Representative for Donor Recruitment and Outreach Berdie Thompson awarded Fire Commissioner Bernard “BJ” Calvi with the winning trophy for the third time in a row for this past December’s Third Annual Battle of the Badges Blood Drive yesterday at Fire Headquarters.

SFD faced off against the Springfield Police Department on December 27, 2017 at City Hall for a blood drive in conjunction with the American Red Cross to raise awareness for the importance of blood donation, and to support all of the city’s public safety officials. Upon sign-in at the Battle of the Badges Blood Drives, donors have the choice to vote for either the Police or Fire Department. The Fire Department claimed the trophy again with a vote of 10-7. In total, 17 pints of whole blood were collected, and two first-time donors also participated.

Mayor Sarno kicked off the event with his own blood donation as he does each time, and encourages City of Springfield employees to also contribute if they can. He said, “I would like to thank all those who continue to donate blood and raise awareness to bring out new blood donors in support of all our public safety officials. Be part of the team that helps save lives on and off the job. And please remember, hospital patients still depend on volunteer donors to receive life-saving transfusions.” 

“I am proud to accept the Battle of the Badges trophy on behalf of the Springfield Fire Department. The Red Cross is a tremendous community partner and continues to come through for the city in times of need. Any time we can help raise awareness for this important mission of giving blood, we are honored to,” said Commissioner Calvi. He continued, “This is the third consecutive time that the Fire Department has claimed this title, and the close vote goes to show how much our Springfield employees care about giving blood to save lives and about our public safety officials. I look forward to the next drive and making my own donation.”

“It has been a pleasure partnering with the American Red Cross since 2015 and I look forward to growing this partnership. This is our third Battle of the Badges Blood Drive during a critical need time and I really need to thank our supportive employees for always rising to the occasion. Our next blood drive is currently scheduled for Thursday, July 26th and I look forward to seeing everyone there. The City of Springfield is also currently working on ways to make our fourth Battle of the Badges Blood Drive even bigger this December!” said Caitlyn Julius.

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