Mayor Sarno Again Responds to City Council Members Statements on Make-Up of City Department Heads

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno states, “First of all, from day one, my Chief of Staff Denise Jordan is a former Civil Rights Officer for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She plays an intricate role in the hiring of top level positions. Also, on your request to interview Equal Opportunity Administrator Dan Hall, sure, but it’s quite disturbing that some of the City Councilors are not aware of their city’s governmental process or their city’s own departments/department heads – maybe this would help those councilors in question. Also, have these councilors even thought to reach out to Dan and meet with him too? Regarding the modification to the position, as I have previously stated, we’ve been in the midst of doing this – which comes under the purview of the Executive Branch of Government. At the appropriate time, I’ll roll it out. Dan’s role as EOA is to work to ensure the protected class members are represented in the applicate pool. Again, under a strong form of mayoral charter, the mayor, he or she makes the appointments. As a former four term City Councilor and City Council President and currently a four term Mayor, I am uniquely aware of the roles and responsibilities of both positions. My record demonstrates that I am very sensitive to diversity right across the board, whether from city positions to services and contracts. Also of note, my administration has appointed the most diverse members of boards and commissions in the city’s history.”



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