Springfield Residents Rally at JCC Against Hate

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mayor Sarno joined over 100 people at the Springfield Jewish Community Center last evening for an Interfaith rally to show solidarity with people of the Jewish faith in response to a wave of anti-Semitic threats occurring at Jewish community centers and cemeteries across the country recently. Senator Eric Lesser, Councilor Kateri Walsh and Dr. Saleem Bajwa of the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts were also at the rally to decry hate against the Jewish faith and people of all religious affiliations.

Mayor Sarno issued a statement last week condemning the bomb threat made to the Springfield JCC, saying, “Commissioner Barbieri and I will continue to work with state and federal authorities to pursue the individual or individuals who perpetrated this dastardly crime in hopes to bringing the person or persons to swift and just punishment.  The recent rash of bomb threats and vandalism to Jewish centers and vandalism to cemeteries is absolutely unacceptable and terrible and will not be tolerated. It must be swiftly dealt with. Anything that I or our Police Department can do for our Jewish community."

Photos by Michael Clark of Senator Eric Lesser's office.

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