How to Wear Your Crown Girls Summit

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

This past Saturday, Mayor Sarno brought greetings to the How To Wear Your Crown Girls Summit, a workshop which aims to help empower and uplift young women from the community. This year about 60 young women from the Greater Springfield area attended.

Mayor Sarno said, "I deeply appreciate all of the successful members of the Girls Summit Committee giving back and mentoring our youngsters. It is so important that we all show our youngsters that they are appreciated not only for their beauty, but more importantly their intelligence and talent, and that they can and will make a positive difference in our Springfield community. This Girls Summit shows them that we believe in them and they should believe in and be proud of themselves.”

To learn more please visit: http://www.iconarch.com/…/out-about-girls%E2%80%99-empowerm…

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