City Partners with Berkshire Bank Foundation and ReGreen Springfield to Regreen Adams Park in Springfield’s Upper Hill Neighborhood

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Executive Director of the Department of Parks, Buildings and Recreation Management Patrick Sullivan joined  volunteers from Berkshire Bank and ReGreen Springfield to install new trees and native shrubs at Adams Park, located at 382 Wilbraham Road at 2:00 p.m.  The entire planting event took place from 12:30 to 4:00 p.m.

The effort aims to provide a series of bird and pollinator attracting plants in the park, which will help to make the park more attractive, sustainable and ecologically viable as an important component of Springfield’s urban forest.  This effort complements the commitment by the city to utilize natural management in the care and maintenance of its greenspaces, including athletic fields, school grounds and parks.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Berkshire Bank Foundation to ReGreen Springfield, this project will complement the planting of over 75 shade trees done over the past two years, which were also supported by funding from the Berkshire Bank Foundation.  Approximately 35 volunteers from Berkshire Bank will assist in the planting effort, providing these employees an opportunity to celebrate Berkshire Bank’s “Extraordinary Day” of service in Springfield. There will be over $14,000 in landscape plantings donated to this park effort.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno commended this generous donation; “This effort demonstrates the community spirit that is embracing the city as we continue our efforts to make our neighborhoods greener, environmentally sustainable and more livable for the residents of Springfield.”  Mayor Sarno has supported efforts to enhance the quality of Springfield’s urban forest through sustained funding for the City’s Forestry Division, and assistance in the efforts of ReGreen Springfield to help restore the tree canopy of the city following the 2011 tornado.  He added, “Over the past 5 years since the tornado, we, with our partners and community members planted nearly 4,500 new trees across the city. This effort expands our commitment to regreening Springfield.”

According to Patrick Sullivan, Director of Parks, Buildings and Recreation, “These plantings will provide our neighborhood residents to see the value and importance of using native plants and organic alternatives in the care of our greenspace. The opportunity to work with partners such as Berkshire Bank, ReGreen Springfield, and the neighborhood, presents a great chance for the city to benefit through volunteer service and community engagement.”  He added, “The new plantings will make a great difference in the environmental and aesthetic quality of the park.” 

Park Chairman Brian Santaniello stated, “This commitment from Berkshire Bank and ReGreen Springfield sends a positive message that our urban parks offer the opportunity to increase the habitat of our urban parks.  I am excited for the opportunity to utilize this park for an outdoor classroom for our neighboring schools. It is our goal to increase the use of our urban parks and create ecosystems, which in turn will promote the importance of proper land management. “

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