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New Senior Center Plans to be Unveiled

Event:     Senior Center Plans Unveiling

Date:      Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 10:30 a.m.

Place:     Blunt Park, Springfield, MA

Contact:  Patrick Sullivan, Executive Director, 787-6444

October 5, 2015 -Springfield, MA- Mayor Domenic Sarno, will present Bid plans to the Springfield Park Commission and the General Public outlining the proposed Senior Center to be built in Blunt Park which is now out to for public bidding. The Mayor will be joined by a subcommittee working on the plans for the past six months, members include: Health and Human Director Helen Caulton-Harris, City Councilor Claudio Conception, (Chair of the city Council subcommittee on Aging), Peter Garvey Director Capital Asset and Construction, Brian Santaniello, Chair of the Park Commission and Patrick Sullivan, Executive Director Parks Buildings and Recreation Management. 

The Schematic Design includes a variety of activity spaces throughout a 25,000 sq. ft. two story building.  Rooms include and are not limited to Dance, Library, billiards, sewing, ceramics, carpentry, music, and computer access.  The focal point is a 3,000 sq. ft. banquet room which will hold daily luncheons, special events and a teaching kitchen. It is the intent to create a park/resort atmosphere to the building. 

The Park setting will lend itself to outdoor activities that may include proposed walking trails and outdoor vegetable gardens.  The proposed building includes wood and stone elements on the exterior and large windows throughout for natural daylighting.    The front entrance also calls for a diner/ coffee room.  This will allow seniors to gather and create a social area for a snack or a cup a coffee before or after activities.  Tim Murphy Architects completed the final designs.

Mayor Sarno stated; “I am grateful to the committee for completing the bids and final designs which will ensure Springfield Seniors have a quality building to enjoy in their golden years. I am proud of our two corporate citizens, Mass Mutual and Sodexo for their generous donations. Their commitment will ensure our seniors have a quality environment and will provide the resources to purchase exercise equipment, computers, furniture and general supplies. It is our goal to raise an additional $350,000 from the Springfield community to ensure our seniors have the best and only the best.”

Public Health Commissioner, Helen Caulton-Harris stated; “I am very proud to be part of this exciting process. The planning process is a monumental step in providing a facility to properly serve our seniors.  I applaud the Mayor for this important milestone in our city and I look forward to continue the hard work necessary in making this building a reality.”

City Councilor Clodo Concepcion stated, “The City Council subcommittee on Elder Affairs is very pleased to have been represented in this planning process.  We are impressed with the thorough work of the Capital Asset Department and the Park Commission and the comprehensive approach in completing the designs.  This design is a good representation of what the seniors requested for their building.”

Peter Garvey stated “This building will represent the commitment our city has for our seniors.  This center will allow anyone over the age of 55 to take part and socialize on daily basis. I am proud of our city and Mayor for taking this positive step forward and ensuring we have a facility that promotes the well-being for our seniors.”

Brian Santaniello stated “The Park Commission has taken an active role working the Mayor in securing the funds to build the City’s new Senior Center.  The siting of the building in Blunt Park will provide: a central location, a site that is on a bus line and a facility that will provide quality activities for all seniors.”

Patrick Sullivan stated “The Mayor’s proactive approach has made a dream of a new senior center into reality.  The proposed design will be a building that will provide seniors with a sanctuary to escape the day to day routine to a place that is equal to a resort.  We look forward to the continued work necessary in making this building the best it can be.”   

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