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September 16, 2014 –Springfield, MA- The Springfield Police Department’s Ordinance Squad at the command of Sgt. John Delaney along with Housing Code Enforcement inspectors lead by Deputy Director Dave Cotter have continued proactive enforcement efforts across the City over the last month.

Policing sectors covered over the past month include sectors E, H, C and B which cover Maple High Six Corners, Forest Park, East Springfield and Liberty Heights respectively. In total 475 violations were handed out, with the most common types of violations being: trash, blight, overgrowth, bulk items, and unregistered cars.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “Healthy and vibrant neighborhoods have been a priority of my administration. The Ordinance Squad has played, and will continue to play, a vital role in providing proactive community policing at the grass roots level.”

The following Officers participated in at least one of the below mentioned sweeps: Stephen Tyburski, Keith Fleming, William Witherspoon, Rafael Vega, Joe Piemonte, Craig Staples, Mark Kenney, Edwin Vazquez, K-9 Officer George Flanagan and Sergeant John Delaney.

Sector E

The Sector E sweep took place during the week ending August 8, 2014; Ordinance Officer Stephen Tyburski, Sector E Officer, organized the effort.

The following streets were targeted in this effort: Chester, Knox, Cedar, Windsor, Dorne, Central, Cherry, Clifton Avenue, Foster, Greenacre Square, Newman, Ashley, and James.

The officers issued 97 ordinance violations for: trash, unregistered cars, overgrowth, refrigerators left out and not secured, basketball hoops on the street and other charges as well as issuing parking tickets and the towing of motor vehicles that were not registered. The officers also swept Johnny Appleseed Park for “drinkers”. There is a coordinated effort to “sweep” the park and, issue citations and make the offenders pick up and leave.

Sector H

Sector H was the focus of the ordinance squad twice; once during the week ending August 15, 2014, and again during the week ending August 29, 2014. Ordinance Officer Craig Staples, who regularly patrols this sector, organized the effort.

The following streets were targeted during the initial effort: Kensington Avenue, Bloomfield, Johnson, Wilmont, Alderman, Earl, Granada Terrace, Pomona, Pasadena, Scott and Vermont. These streets were picked because of obvious ordinance violations in the area. Most of the dwellings are not owner occupied and the landlords are from “out of town”. The Ordinance Officers wrote 131 ordinance tickets for: overgrowth, trash, unregistered cars on the property, blight and other violations.

The “Team Policing” effort was back in a second effort focusing on the entire length of White Street. Officer Craig Staples, Sector “H” Officer, planned the deployment.

The entire length of White Street has recently been an area of concern by the Springfield Police Department. With a recent uptick in calls for service and noticeable blight in the area the Ordinance Squad decided it should hold the absentee landlords responsible for the obvious violations.

The officers on this detail got out on foot and walked the entire length of White Street from Allen Street to the East Longmeadow line while giving out citations and talking with residents. In total the officers issued 48 ordinance violations on this one street alone. The citations given were for trash, blight, overgrowth, bulk items and unregistered cars.

Sector C

The Sector C sweep took place during the week ending September 5, 2014 and focused on the “Lucy Mallory Village” area. Ordinance Officer Mark Kenney, who regularly patrols this sector, organized the effort.

The following streets were targeted in the sweep: Putnam Circle, Decker Place, Farragut, Fernwold, Acme Place, Baldwin, Akron, Cameron, French, Carew and St. James Avenue. The officers gave out 87 code violations for: overgrowth, unregistered cars, trash, and blight.

The officers were on foot and talked with dozens of residents and listened to their concerns and complaints. Most of the residents cooperated with police and started cleaning their property right away. While on sight for the three hours word got out and some owners/landlords came on scene and followed officers around to make sure they corrected violations as to not receive a ticket. 

Sector B

The Sector B sweep took place during the week ending September 12, 2014 and Ordinance Officer Edwin Vazquez who regularly patrols this sector organized this effort.

The following streets were targeted in the sector B sweep: Leslie, Wolcott Avenue, Goodrich, Franklin, Liberty, Genesee, Ledyard, Tracy, Nursery, Murray Hill Avenue, Webster, Underwood, Cass and Vinton.

The Officers issued 112 code violations for various reasons like, over growth, trash, blight, unregistered cars, shopping carts, furniture left outside and other code violations. More importantly the officers were on foot walking these neighborhoods and talking with the residents promoting good community relations. 

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