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Jim Leydon

Communications Director

Office of Mayor Domenic J. Sarno




February 4, 2014 -Springfield, MA- The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER STORM WARNING for Hampden County. The WARNING has been issued for WINTER STORM NIKA and is in effect until Wednesday evening. The forecast is predicting a significant snow fall which will be a heavy wet snow with wind gust of up to 21 MPH. The storm is expected to begin early Wednesday morning and end Wednesday evening.

A winter storm warning is issued for the potential of accumulating snow of 6 or more inches in a 12 hour period or 8 or more inches in a 24 hour period.

Parking Ban

A City wide parking ban will go into effect on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 9:00 AM until further notice. Parking will not be permitted on the Odd side of the street from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM and No Parking on the Even side from 7:00 PM until 7:00 AM. The ban will be enforced through ticketing and towing.

The Department of Public Works and the Springfield Fire Department are strongly encouraging residents to keep cars off the road so streets may be cleared and allow emergency vehicles to pass as needed.

Springfield Fire Department

In the event of a power outage to avoid fires residents should not use candles. Residents using backup generators and fireplaces should ensure there is proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, especially when using equipment that requires vents or fans for airflow if there is a power outage.

If there is an outage please be sure to turn off all major electrical appliances that may have been on in the event power is restored, especially electrical stoves and heaters.

If there is a fire hydrant located in front of your home or business; please assist in keeping hydrants clear and remove the snow around them.

Springfield Department of Health and Human Services

In case of power outages please be aware of food safety.  Keep freezer and refrigerator doors closed. Food in a refrigerator can be kept safely for four hours. A freezer will keep temperatures for about 48 hours. When it doubt throw it out!

Down Power Line Warning

Residents should stay away from all downed power lines to avoid injuries and call 9-1-1.

Municipal Rubbish Collection

The City’s Department of Public Works indicates that rubbish collection will continue as scheduled.  Items should be placed out for collection no later than 6:30 a.m. on the day of collection. Place barrels on the tree belt.


Helping Animals in Need

There will be dangerously low temperatures and wind chills, especially after the storm. Please be mindful of this if you have pets. Two local animal welfare organizations are able to assist domestic animals.  The following is the contact information for the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society and the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center


            Dakin Pioneer Valley Human Society            TJO Animal Control & Adoption Center

            171 Union Street                                             627 Cottage Street

            Springfield, MA  01105                                  Springfield, MA  01104

            Tel #: (413) 781-4000                                     Tel #: (413) 781-1484

         www.dpvhs.org                                        www.tjoconnoradoptioncenter.com

3-1-1 Call Center

The City’s 3-1-1 Call Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The call center can be reached from a landline by calling 3-1-1, or from outside of Springfield or via cell phone at (413) 736-3111.


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