June 26, 2013 -Springfield, MA- Mayor Domenic J. Sarno announced today that the City of Springfield has selected a developer for multi-site solar panel installations in the City.  Following a Request for Qualifications, the City’s selection committee reviewed proposals for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on three rooftops and one capped landfill, all of which are owned by the City.  The Real Thing, LLC has been selected as the developer.

Mayor Domenic J. Sarno stated, “Once again Springfield is leading the way in energy efficiency and good business practices. Whenever you combine environmentally friendly energy projects which result in a cost savings it is a win-win for our residents and businesses.”

The four sites identified for solar PV development are the former Stafford Street Landfill and rooftops at Kiley Middle School, the DPW Operations Facility on Tapley Street and Cyr Arena in Forest Park.  Combined, the installations at these sites could produce as much as 2.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually.  In addition, three fire department facilities will have solar thermal systems installed which will provide hot water to the buildings.  

“We are very excited to move on to the next stage of the project,” said Kevin Kennedy, Chief Development Officer. “We’ve been reviewing proposals and finding a developer that will provide both an environmentally sound and economically viable project.”

The project will result in benefits to the City in several ways.  Springfield, a designated Green Community, will continue its commitment to promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The installation on Stafford Street will convert a vacant, former landfill site into a source of income for the City.  The projected total benefits to the City over the proposed 20 year contract term amount to over $1.9 million dollars in energy savings and tax revenue and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 3.5 million pounds per year. 

“The Real Thing looks forward to working with the City of Springfield to develop this exiting solar energy project on multiple sites,” said Remy Trotabas, Founder and Principal of the Company.  The Real Thing LLC is a Nashua, NH based solar energy services company that specializes in the development and financing of mid to large scale solar photovoltaic energy facilities.  They have considerable experience in Massachusetts, specifically with municipal projects.  Their project team brings together a wide range of experience and financing.  Mass. Electric Construction Company out of Boston and the Greenfield based Sandri Energy Company will round out the expertise of the main project engineers, Inman Solar who are based in Georgia. 

These public/private partnerships are made possible by the State of Massachusetts’ Solar Carve-out and Renewable Energy Credit program that requires a percentage of the state’s energy be derived from solar.  Energy providers who cannot produce enough from solar must purchase Solar Energy Credits or face a compliance fee.  By providing the space for installations, the City will contract for a discounted electricity rate.  The developer in turn earns credits for solar energy production.  These credits can be sold or traded in the Massachusetts energy market.    

Next steps for this ongoing project are to negotiate a contract between the City and the developer, establish the terms of a power purchase agreement and present to City Council for final approval. For further information please contact the Office of Planning & Economic Development or visit www.springfieldplanning.org


Jim Leydon

Communications Director

Officer of Mayor Domenic J. Sarno


Kevin Chaffee

Natural Resources Manger

City of Springfield

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