Show of Patriotism for Veterans Day

Thomas Belton, Director of Veterans Services is calling on all municipal employees who are veterans, reservist, or National Guard to pin on their military medals, wear their uniforms (or partial uniform),  or Legion Post caps the week of November 7th as a show of patriotism for Veterans Day.

On this Veteran’s Day, we will honor the 24 million among us who once wore our nation’s uniforms to serve and protect our freedom and liberty. By displaying military memorabilia, we can band together again by showing our pride in America and its Armed Forces on this special day.

As Director of Veterans Services, I encourage all military veterans to wear their medals and decorations in honor of Veterans Day. Let your co-workers know that you took the oath in defense of our country. I hope veterans will sustain the trend by wearing medals on Memorial Day and Independence Day, and continue to show pride in their military service on these patriotic holidays for years to come. 

Springfield News:

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