Springfield Police announce a partnership with GetCrashReports.com

As a service to our resident and the business community, Springfield Police are proud to announce a partnership with GetCrashReports.com to provide online access to all Springfield Massachusetts crash reports.  All crash reports will be available 72 hours after the crash occurs (or sooner if approved) except for Fatal crashes and crashes under investigation.  Fatal crash reports must be purchased at the Springfield Police Department.

As of September 1, 2011, all requests from businesses for Springfield Police crash reports will be referred to GetCrashReports.com.  After this date, if a crash report cannot be located on the GetCrashReports.com website, the police department will only take a walk in public records request.

GetCrashReports.com allows individual or multiple crash reports to be purchased with major credit cards or with a Pre-Paid account.  To purchase a single crash report, go to GetCrashReports.com and follow the simple 5 step process. To purchase multiple reports at once, you must setup a Subscriber account with GGetCrashReports.com.  To setup a Subscriber account, click on "Subscriber login" on GetCrashReports.com and click the "New Subscriber" link.  A representative from GetCrashReports.com will contact you within 24 hours to setup an online account.

Thank you for your cooperation.

William J. Fitchet
Police Commissioner
Springfield Police Department

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